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This blog is about all things in life. Motivation, inspiration, planning your life, frugal tips and ideas, traveling, selfcare, love, family, momlife, nature and chronic illnesses. But not only those topics but everything I feel I should write about.

So let’s start. Let’s find some much needed joy and motivation to get this blog to a flying start.

We are all different, and what motivates me might not motivate you at all. And what makes you happy might not have that effect on me. So how can I motivate someone I’ve never seen. By giving ideas.

Do you have big goals in life. I know I do. And I am not afraid to share them. My number one goal in life is to be the best version of me.

But maybe I need to take small steps to get there.  Maybe your goals are also big and you need to learn to take those steps to get there.

Step 1: Write down your goal(s).

Once you write your goal it becomes more real. And that is a starting point. After writing down your goal, focus on the feelings that you have, because it is time for

Step 2: Make a vision board.

And no matter what your goal is, it all starts with how you want to feel. If your goal is let’s say a new home, think how you would feel the first morning after moving in having your first cup of coffee. So your vision board can have your dreamhome and all things that you want, but your vision board comes to life and has much more potential to becoming a reality if you focus on your feelings as well.

I will post a video of me making my vision board and I will have it linked here when I have it done.

So my first tip to a life full of motivation is to have goals and to enjoy that journey to reach them.

With love

Lakeside mother







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